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Orlando DOT Physical

What happens during the exam?

​*Driver completes long form and medical card.
*A urine sample is taken: checking for protein,  blood and sugar. (not a drug test)
*Height and Weight are recorded.
*Vision Test is performed.
*Hearing Test is performed.
*Blood pressure is taken.
*Review of your medical history and current  medication.
*12 Body System checks as described on page 3  of the long form.​

 Takes about 20-25 minutes

What do I do with the Medical Certificate after receiving it?

Florida requires that you submit your medical certificate information to the State drivers license office.  This can be done by going to a DMV office or online at the link below within 15 days after receiving your certificate.  Or we can do all the paperwork for you for a $15 upgrade.

Submit your medical certificate to the state here!

What should I bring to the exam?

Please bring the following:

​​​1. A picture ID (driver's license, passport, etc.) as well as     your current medical certificate (wallet card) if you         have one currently.  
2. List of Medications, dosages and prescribing doctors         name and contact information.  Some drugs such as         prescribed amphetamines (adderall for ADHD and             others) need a letter from doctor saying your                   treatment is safe and effective and you are safe to         drive) Please call us at 407-540-0079 if you have a           question on a specific drug before you come to the         office.
3. Corrective lenses (glasses) if needed for eye exam.
4. Medical clearance letter from 
    doctor/specialist for any health condition such as             heart condition, recent surgeries and others if                 needed. Please ask us first about any specific                   conditions before you come.

    Diabetes, please bring with you a recent (within 3             months) A1C report.
5. Compliance report if using a 
    CPAP Machine with letter stating from your doctor           that treatment is effective and you are safe to drive .
​6. Your doctor's name, phone number 
    and fax number.​​

*Please be ready for a urinalysis. Refrain from using the restroom before arriving to our office and drink some water.

Refrain from smoking, eating salty foods, drinking sugary drinks or coffee before your examination for best results!